If you are not already using a social media content calendar for your business, what is taking you so long? Content calendars are not difficult to set up and the benefits that they provide can lead to extraordinary effects to your social media campaigns. Some of these benefits include:

1. Keeping your ideas in one organized place.

Do you keep scraps of paper all over your desk when an idea for a blog post or social media interaction comes to you? Or do you keep all of your ideas in your head hoping to remember them when the time is right? Utilizing an online Google calendar will allow you to set reminders and organize your ideas for social media content for weeks and months in advance.

2. Getting your message in front of customers before your competitors do.

Most shoppers use social media first to find sales. If you run a flower shop, for example, and would like to engage your customers before Mother’s Day, writing and scheduling your sales content and specials in advance will ensure that your message gets out ahead of the competition.

3. Releasing your social media content at the most advantageous time.

Each social media platform has an optimal time of day for posting to get your message seen by as many eyeballs as possible. A good content calendar should list the right times of day to post for each platform.

4. Making your company more efficient. 

Syncing your topics with your business plan helps you outline and target completion of your objectives. By incorporating your objectives into a calendar, you will be able to measure performance and track progress allowing you to react and adjust your business plan more efficiently and effectively.

5. Becoming a business shark.

Do you like something one of your competitors posted or do you recognize a winning strategy that they employ? Go on the competitive attack! Apply these ideas to your content calendar for a future date and improve the message. Do not copy their message verbatim, but apply your own twist allowing you to improve your own sales message and/or delivery.

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