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8 Tips For Marketing to Millenials Online

“More than 80 million millennials, people born between the early 1980s and 2000, currently live in the United States alone. And according to Accenture, these 30-somethings, 20-somethings and teens are spending some $600 billion annually. So how can your ecommerce business capture some of that billion-dollar millennial spend? And what is the best way to reach, or target, this highly social, highly mobile, digital generation?”

Read more at IT News.


Florida Court Allows Google to be Sued by Publisher Delisted as “Pure Spam”

“Courts in the US have consistently held that search engines have almost total discretion over the content on their pages and ranking algorithms under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. This is a legal defense against companies bringing claims about the economic impact of ranking changes or Google’s SEO-related policies.

“However, a court in Florida has now allowed a case against Google to proceed, in which the search engine manually removed links it categorized as ‘pure spam’ and in violation of quality guidelines. According to legal tech writer Eric Goldman, the Florida court disregarded ‘virtually all of Google’s arguments’ to allow the lawsuit to go forward…”

Read more at Search Engine Land.


Google and Facebook Still Dominate Tracking on the Web

“For nearly a year, Princeton researchers Steven Englehardt and Arvind Naranyan have been hard at work on a new project called the Princeton Web Census. Their goal is to log all the cookies, scripts, and trackers in the various corners of the internet, providing a running tab of all the tricks companies use to follow you from site to site.

“Today, the team released its first report — and it shows Google and Facebook in a more dominant position than ever. Google Analytics was by far the most popular third party, present on 61 percent of sampled websites. DoubleClick and Google’s GStatic service took second and third place…”

Read more at The Verge.


4 Steps to Grow Your Organic Search Traffic

“Organic-search traffic is the only search traffic you should be interested in. This is the traffic you get without any direct action on your part. It’s not something you can achieve with ease, though. The statistics say that 83 percent of organic clicks go to the first four results under most categories on search engines. So, to see your site attain that status, lay the foundations well in advance for the traffic you want.

“Here are four strategies you can use to bring in organic search traffic and increase your ranking on Google…”

Read more at Entrepreneur.


Is Search Dead?

“Is search dead?  Realistically, the answer is no, but I hear fewer and fewer brands talking about search in a way that signals a focus on innovation or growth.

“Is it possible that search is just like that friend of yours who always shows up when asked, will do whatever he can to help, and is consistently taken for granted?   Is search the utility in-fielder for your team…”

Read more at MediaPost.

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