Change is upon us! #Socialnomics

If you are an avid reader of our blog you already know that we consistently preach the good word about the change that is occurring in the way consumers and brands interact.  In fact, not too long ago there wasn’t really much interaction coming by way of the consumer at all (outside of purchases, of course).  We, as consumers, took a back seat when it came to the brands we purchased while marketers promoted brands by constantly drilling slogans, logos, and jingles into our brains.  But, like we’ve been preaching there’s a revolution happening all around us and all of us are taking part, whether we realize it or not.  We, the people, have a more profound effect than ever on how brands are to be marketed.  Things have changed on how the consumer interacts, and it is now calling for change from the marketer, and any that falls behind this revolution will eventually fade into a digital graveyard.  This video, made by Erik Qualman (aka Equalman), shows just how much has changed, what is currently happening, and highlights some future predictions in digital marketing.  Don’t fall behind the times.  Check it out.

SOURCE – Erik Qualman

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