The whole world was devastated at the unexpected loss of Leonard Nimoy last Friday. His career spanned sixty-plus years with successes on television (Mission: Impossible), film (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), directing (Three Men and a Baby), photography, stage, and even theme park attractions (he directed “Body Wars” for Epcot at Walt Disney World). However, he will always be remembered for his beloved role of Spock from the Star Trek television series and films. Working in the computer field, it is impossible to overlook the overwhelming effect Star Trek has had and a majority of its success is owed to the unique characterization by Nimoy who brilliantly brought to life the stoic, emotional-less Spock, imbuing him with an underlying humanity that touched and inspired millions.

Leonard Nimoy leaves behind a legacy that will continue to embolden generations to, as Spock would say, live long and prosper. The video below by NASA Astronaut Mike Fincke and ESA European Space Agency Astronaut Luca Parmitano perfectly sums up the incredible impact that he has had.

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