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Six key social media marketing trends for 2019

It is essential in marketing that you stay up to date in the latest news in trends of the industry. This ensures you’re never falling behind your competitors and that you stay relevant with customers.

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Building Relationships via Social Media

Marketing and sales is in large part driven by emotion. In today’s world where you are no longer competing on product alone, you are focusing a lot on connecting with customers and building relationships with them…

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4 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Business

Looking to start a business? There may be some things you may want to know about starting a business before you dive in head first. Starting a business requires a lot of research and time invested into…

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5 Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

Digital marketing has become a hot topic in recent times. There are many myths involving building a successful digital marketing business or campaign. A lot of owners and businessmen don’t believe in social media.

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17 Free Apps To Make Your Marketing More Effective

Marketing can be stressful. Your always busy every second of the day. You have to edit this content over here, you have to go to a meeting over there, you have an email to send out the next minute. All of this can be quite overwhelming. This is why producers and developers have set out and created marketing apps to help make those hectic days a bit easier.

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