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How to make your emails shine bright during ‘Gray November’

Holiday season is coming up and this means you need to adapt the way you market your company. From Thanksgiving, to Black Friday, to Christmas and other celebrations, it is time to drive home your holiday promotions.

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After Becoming The Blockchain Island, Malta Announces It’s Formulating National AI Strategy

Malta a small island in the European Union has become the new epicenter for Blockchain enthusiasts because of favorable legislation that makes things easier for developers.

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Uber introduces an Amazon Prime-style monthly subscription service

In a response to competitor Lyfts subscription package, Uber is releasing its own subscription package mirroring Amazon’s Prime subscription.

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The world’s first humanless warehouse is run only by robots and is a model for the future

Up until this point, a completely automated warehouse was an idea for the movies, but this could quickly become our reality. Japanese company Mujin is working on smart machines that are capable of doing backbreaking labor that normally would be reserved for warehouse…

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27 Social Media Principles You MUST Know to Succeed Online [Infographic]

ChatBots are an effective resource for communicating and engaging with your customers during all hours of the day and night. There are many types of chatbots available like the MobileMonkey which is a facebook messenger based chatbot that Netsville uses for our…

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