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Get to Know Your Virtual Audience Via Their Digital Body Language

“As marketers, we’re in the business of understanding behavior and what makes people buy things. But in the age of technology, when we can communicate seamlessly with anyone, anywhere with an internet connection, crucial elements still get lost in translation.

It’s somewhat absurd that with the rise of digital, we’ve actually masked a lot of the behavioral signals that help us piece together the person behind the action.”

Read more at MarTech Today.

Keeping Up with the Pace of Advertising, MRC Proposes Updates to its Ad Verification Guidelines

“MRC’s updates provide new verification requirements for contextual advertising and allow brands to create a list of categories that are ‘never appropriate’ for their programmatic ads.”

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New California Bill Restores Strong Net Neutrality Policies

“Last month, a California Assembly committee voted to remove key protections from a state-level net neutrality bill. Critics said the changes opened loopholes that would allow broadband providers to throttle some applications or charge websites or services for “fast lane” access on their networks. Now those key protections are coming back.”

Read more at Wired.


5 Automated Emails Smart Marketers Send [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Automated marketing is a highly useful tool for running email campaigns. Depending on what automated marketing tool you have you may have tracking tools to help tailor make your Email Campaigns to the consumers moves. Marketing Automation is just one of the many Marketing Technologies that is helping make marketers jobs easier.”

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Tighter Data Rules Affect Some Marketers More Than Others

The screws are tightening on the data ecosystem. Now that we are in a post-GDPR landscape, platforms and publishers have rapidly made moves to distance or close themselves off from the third-party data used to target and measure digital ads.

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