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From Online to Offline: How Brands Use Big Data to Figure Out Where Their Customers Will Shop

It took Warby Parker three years to figure out exactly how to sate its customers’ demands. At first, when it launched in 2010, the company was online only: It offered to mail people five different fashion-forward eyewear frames so they could try them on at home, decide what they like and mail the rest back. When sample inventory ran out after two days, customers called the co-founders — who were then students at Wharton living near campus — and asked to come to their apartment to try on the product.

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The ultimate guide to bot herding and spider wrangling

In Part 1 of a three-part series, Columnist Stephan Spencer does a deep dive into bots, explaining what they are and why crawl budgets are important.
We generally think about search engine optimization in relation to humans: What queries are my customers using? How can I get more bloggers to link to me? How can I get people to stay longer on my site? How can I add more value to my customers’ lives and businesses?
This is how it should be.

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Retailers with shopping apps now see majority of e-commerce sales from mobile

conversion rates on mobile apps are higher, roughly 3x greater than on the mobile web. This may be because the user experience is better in apps, including the checkout process. But it may also partly be because those who download and use retail apps are more loyal and inclined to buy from those retailers in the first place.

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YouTube Studio moving out of beta with 3 new metrics & redesigned dashboard

After limiting the amount of analytics in its demographic data report last week, YouTube announced it is giving creators three new metrics to help measure how videos are performing. The site is also launching a redesigned reporting dashboard and will be moving its YouTube Studio out of beta to be the default hub for creators.

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Cigna’s $54 Billion Purchase Of Express Scripts Could Upend The Prescription Drug Market

This morning, the health insurer Cigna announced that it plans to buy pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts for $54 billion. And with that move – long-telegraphed but seismic – the market for prescription drugs could change dramatically. The big question: will patients benefit, or will this just protect insurance company bottom lines?

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