They say that “content is king” but what are the three vital necessities to building and distributing exceptional content marketing that will drive business?

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of material such as written articles and visual media generated with the goal of driving sales and increasing exposure to your business: your website is a premiere example of content marketing, as are your social media posts, videos, photos, blogs, infographics, eBooks, etc. Good content distributes your marketing messages in a clear, sometimes entertaining fashion that emboldens your customers to consume and share with others online. This is why many marketers contend that “content is king.” Exceptional content can create exponential success and bring new customers to your company at all times of the day.

Good content marketing consists of valuable, relevant, and consistent information. If your current campaign lacks any of these three attributes, there is much room to grow to achieve the full potential of your promotion. Content must provide good value. When consumers take the time out of their day to read your business’ articles or watch your videos, they expect a return on that investment with value for their time. If you can’t provide them with the quality information that they are seeking, they will find it elsewhere.

Verifying that your content is relevant to your customers is integral in building a strong customer base. The major miscalculation that plagues many businesses is the release of content deemed extremely valuable that gains little to no traction. Even the best, artfully written articles can fail if they are interpreted as irrelevant to consumers. A film, for instance, can consist of beautifully choreographed cinematography but without a gripping story or character, what’s left to inspire engagement? Similarly, your content will be disregarded by the reader and, again, they will go somewhere else in search of the pertinent answers they are searching for.

The final (though no less important) step is providing consistency. Producing content at a consistent rate galvanizes a dynamic expectation for your customers, building trust and reliability. Posting sporadically gives the impression that your company is unpredictable or out of touch. Such as a beautiful mansion can look decrepit without a dusting or upkeep, your website can look dead if significant times passes without updates. Furthermore, posting inconsistently begets the danger that your existing content may fall out of date. Long gaps between activity builds a trifecta of issues – the content would be outdated, hence not valuable; it would no longer be relevant; and, of course, there would be no consistency inviting customers to keep checking back for more.

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