Marketers have been put to the test when it comes to content marketing. It used to be publish, publish, publish! Now more than ever it has become what to publish and where to publish. With the use of ad words and short attention spans, marketers have had to really think and optimize their content.

There is so much on the subject of content on the internet, how you can determine what is good content, and what is not worth your time. Google tries to help with the use of ad words, giving you the most relevant and quality content at the top of their search engine.

What seems like a long time ago, email marketing was the top way to distribute new content. From catalogs to stories to press releases and blogs, all were among things email marketers would blast out. Email marketing is still a good way to get content to readers, but with all of the spam emails everybody gets today, it can be difficult get the attention of readers. Do not doubt the power of email marketing though, it can be very effective if done the right way.

Another good way to market content is having a blog. A blog section on your website is a great place to publish content. You can blog about anything but it is best to stay within your expertise when blogging. Blogging evergreen content is also a good idea and will help raise your website in the Google rankings.

Social media of course has played a huge role in content marketing. With all of the new social media platforms over the years it has put a whole new spin on marketing. Having a presence on social media is a must in 2015. It allows you to gain a following by posting content and interacting with people.

Interacting is a good way to generate leads for sales which is another positive about social media. The way to gain a following is by providing your readers with quality content. Whether it’s a micro blog on Twitter or a Facebook link leading to the blog on your website, it is important to post all content to your social media.

Visualizations are also a great way to hold a reader’s attention. The average attention span of society seems to decrease every year. Visualizations are more effective in capturing attention and holding onto it. Pictures, slideshows, infographs, and videos can all be very useful. These are all good ways to hook potential customers into what you are selling.

In today’s society we cannot get enough of our mobile phones. From playing games, to social media, to the countless number of apps, and browsing the internet, your mobile device can do it all. This is why it is very important that all the content you post can be easily read on a mobile device. You don’t want to lose any leads just because your content is not viewable on a mobile device.

Content is the engine behind every marketing train. It allows you to share with your viewers your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and products. Without good content it would be hard to sell people on what you are trying to sell.

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