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The Best Way to Get More Results From Your Content

“Content marketing has a problem: the content itself. Creating good content is expensive and time-consuming. It requires skill and subject expertise. It’s generally a pain in the … budget…”

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Facebook Pinky Swears It Won’t Let Anyone (Other Than Facebook) Surveil You

“On Monday, Facebook updated its platform policies to prohibit mass surveillance on its platform by explicitly blocking developers from using ‘data obtained from us to provide tools that are used for surveillance.’ The move came after sustained pressure from civil rights organizations…”

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The Rise of Bad Content Marketing Advice

“For over a decade now, I’ve had a Google News alert for the term ‘content marketing.’ I set it up around the time I delivered my first keynote on the topic and started to write my first book on the subject. For years, it was a lonely little feed, updated mostly when a small handful of early content marketing-obsessed colleagues…”

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New Study Confirms Google Doesn’t Use Chrome Browser Data to Discover New URLs

“Stone Temple Consulting has published a new study supporting Google’s claim that it doesn’t use Chrome browser data for discovering new URLs for its search index. The test was pretty simple: They created a ‘couple of pages that Google didn’t know about,’ then they had ‘a bunch of people visit those pages from a Chrome browser…'”

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4 Ways Your Business Can Prevent the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’

“The tragedy of the commons is an economic theory which outlines the problems with people sharing communal property versus private ownership. An example of communal property is when employees don’t feel any ownership in the furniture, fixtures or building grounds, so they don’t report problems when they occur…”

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