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Social Media: Harnessing The Power Of Global Conversation

“The days of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on laborious market research are over. Through social media and data analytics, businesses are given a powerful, proprietary platform to better understand analysts, thought leaders, industry experts and prospective clients…”

Read more at Forbes.

Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool Now Has API Access

“Using the new API Google released, developers can now build their own tools around the mobile-friendly testing tool to see if pages are mobile-friendly. Google has released a new API for the mobile-friendly testing tool named the mobile-friendly test API…”

Read more at Search Engine Land.

Facebook’s New Tool Looks to Replace Traditional Two-Factor Authentication

“Facebook today announced a new means of securing your online accounts. Delegated Recovery, as it’s being called, looks to be a step forward for those afraid of losing their devices when using two-factor authentication (2FA) — which, should be most of us…”

Read more at TNW.

Facebook Said to Plan Set-Top Box App as a New Venue for Its Video Content

“Facebook is working on a video-focused app aimed at set-top boxes including Apple TV (and different entirely from its existing offering on Roku, which is essentially a variation on its current mobile app), according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal…”

Read more at TechCrunch.

3 Surprising Marketing Trends Businesses Should Own In 2017

“Last year proved to be an innovative year for marketers, with new tools like Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat bringing them closer to their customers than ever before. But what do businesses need to do in 2017 to keep their product top of mind…”

Read more at MediaPost.

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