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5 Reasons Why You Need to Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

“There is mounting evidence that done correctly, influencers can drive sales far more effectively than traditional advertising. Influencer marketing is one of the hottest, and effective, ways to get your brand in front of a massive targeted audience. Why? Because it works, and works extremely well…”

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Why Marketers Should Be Paying Attention to Twitch

“Before you market to an audience, first you have to find them. Most marketers have their favorite channels — ones that have worked for them in the past, or where they feel most comfortable with the lingo and standards. But as time and technology push forward, the places where people spend time change along with them…”

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4 Keys to Writing Content That Readers Will Love

“Writing content that readers will love isn’t only about what you write, but how you write it. If your content doesn’t provide readers with value, solve a problem, answer a question or entertain, then it doesn’t really serve a purpose. Have you ever had what you thought was a great post idea, but it failed to resonate or, more importantly, get shared? It’s frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be…”

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Vine Shuts Off Sharing, Launches Vine Camera

“Vine as we know it is dead. Today Twitter turned off sharing, liking, commenting and revining in Vine, and released its successor, Vine Camera, as an app update on iOS and Android. It has also discontinued the Vine Windows Phone app…”

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Why Influencer Marketing Trumps Influencer Advertising

“Thanks in part to a ’60 Minutes’ segment in October, influencer marketing has crossed over. It’s no longer just a topic of interest to advertisers. It’s a subject of public interest. As the segment illustrated, influencer marketing is a big business. Teens with millions of followers can pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars for a shout-out on YouTube or Instagram…”

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