If pictures are worth a thousand words, video may be worth 1.8 million —  as a study by Forrester reveals. Think about that: videos can convey the information and engagement that requires nearly two million words of text.

That kind of rich user experience translates into benefits for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, adding video to a landing page makes it 53 percent more likely to appear on the first page of Google results. As Jon Kaplan, head of global sales at Pinterest, has remarked, an “insatiable demand for video inventory” has evolved among marketers and advertisers. Here’s why:

  • Memorable content means increased site traffic. Business video profiles, tutorials, product overviews, “tricks of the trade” exclusives, “day in the life” vignettes: all of these bring your company and product to life, creating a window into your company that feels immediate, compelling, and relevant. Video content is vividly remembered and easily shared on social networks, with a strong potential to become viral due to viewers’ enthusiasm for reposting visual content. That spirit of sharing translates to a spike in traffic to your site, organically boosting your SEO.
  • Stronger branding boosts Internet presence. With distribution across video platforms, your company can increase its online footprint to build a robust brand. New technology (as seen now on Pinterest) will further support SEO optimization by allowing users to click on featured images or products displayed alongside videos, bringing them to the brand’s site or e-commerce hub.
  • Showing, not telling, drives site visits. Recorded customer calls are boring. Live support feeds are exciting! With the visual nature of how-to videos, live customer care, and consumer testimonials, company resources for call centers, printed collateral, and other channels can migrate online to enhance and fortify the company’s Internet presence. In addition, making customers “the stars of the show” plays directly into reposting and sharing. That success feeds on itself to yield higher results in an Internet search.
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