With video becoming more and more prominent online, Video Marketing has become one of the most important elements with Internet Property Management (IPM). That is why Netsville offers in-house video production services as an important tool to conquer the ever-changing digital landscape. From short 2-3 minute Business Video Profiles to additional video options such as instructional video series, factory walkthroughs, featured product overviews, and much more.

At Netsville, we are dedicated to all aspects of the IPM life cycle ensuring that your web site looks and feels great, that it is properly marketed on the Internet, and that it has the proper tools to be competitive. Our video profiles (as seen above) highlight your business and marketing messages enabling a positive window into your company. BVP’s are more than just a simple commercial; they allow your company’s messages to go far more in-depth. Rather than simply stating the value of your business or service, BVP’s have the power to show that value from the forefront and back it up with direct customer testimonials for a more compelling draw. Furthermore, with distribution across video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, we can build a larger and stronger online branding footprint.

Our video production services allow for more than just advertising purposes. For example, one of our clients, Zahm & Nagel which has been in the business of carbonating and quality control equipment for the beverage industry since 1908, found themselves constantly on the phone answering support questions. We were able to solve their problem by creating an ongoing series of videos showcasing the operation, care, and calibration instructions for their major product lines. Since the videos debuted, they have received thousands of views and have significantly reduced the number of support calls they receive on a daily basis thus freeing them to focus on their business’ production. Customer feedback on the video series has been overwhelmingly positive with one particular customer noting that after having watched a video, they were finally able to use their purchased product more effectively than before.

The best part: our business video profiles are available as part of our monthly pricing model. Collaborating with our clients, we outline the perfect treatment to showcase your business message and send our professional production team to create an eye-catching, contemporary high-definition video. For more questions on our IPM video services, please contact us here.

Based in Rochester, New York, Netsville is an Internet Property Management company specializing in managing the Digital Marketing, Technical, and Business Solutions for our customers since 1994. For more information, please click here.