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Internet Access Is Now A Basic Human Right

“People may joke that others spend too much time on the internet, but this intricate series of tubes has become an important part of everyday life—so much so that it’s become a human rights violation to take it away.

“That’s according to the United Nations Human Rights Council, which passed a non-binding resolution in June that condemns countries that intentionally take away or disrupt its citizens’ internet access…”

Read more at Gizmodo.


Don’t Sell, Tell: The Power Of Story In Modern Marketing

“Today’s marketers are faced with a tougher challenge than ever before. Consumer attention spans are shrinking as a result of the seemingly endless barrage of daily content. The challenge for marketers becomes creating compelling and meaningful connections in an environment largely dominated by superficial messaging.

“This is true across the broad consumer landscape, but especially for the sports industry. The advent of social media, mobile advertising, digital streaming services and more has led to a cacophony of leagues, teams and individual athletes, all with their own unique brands and content, vying for attention…”

Read more at MediaPost.


How Often Should You E-Mail Your List?

“One of the questions I’m most often asked about email marketing is how often you should mail your list. If you are asking that question, you aren’t alone! I wish there was a simple, straight-forward answer, but the best I can do is tell you that it depends. For everyone that just groaned, let me explain that a little more.

“Look at how often you are emailing your readers now. If your list is new and your subscribers don’t know yet what to expect from you, it is up to you to set those expectations. If you’ve been emailing them once a month, it may be time to slowly step it up. Start mailing twice…”

Read more at Business 2 Community.


Skype Meetings is Microsoft’s New Free Video Conferencing Tool for Small Businesses

“Microsoft today launched Skype Meetings, a new audio and video conferencing tool specifically designed for small businesses. Skype Meetings is essentially a stripped down version of the Skype for Business solution.

“The more fully featured Skype for Business product allows you to host meetings with up to 250 people and it’s deeply integrated into Outlook, Word and PowerPoint. Skype Meetings, on the other hand, only allows for PowerPoint collaboration (screen sharing, laser pointer, etc.) and screen sharing. Video calls are also limited to a maximum of 10 people during the first two months. After that, the maximum number of participants drops to three people…”

Read more at TechCrunch.


Making Your Content Perform Beyond Just SEO

“Content marketing serves many purposes for an organization, not the least of which is to drive organic traffic to a website. But let’s not sell content short! You have great content that’s generating organic traffic, but is it really doing all it can for you? Is it enough to have a popular, highly trafficked blog if it doesn’t actually convert?

“Whatever your website’s goals — newsletter signups, sales, lead generation or some other call to action — content needs to support those goals…”

Read more at Search Engine Land.

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