Perusing through Facebook you see this awesome new running shoe that was just released. You click on the ad and it takes you to the website to get a better look.

You quickly fall in love with this shoe, pick the color and size, and begin to fill out the order form.

When trying to fill out the credit card information, the website is simply not keeping up with you. The information is small and the site is taking forever to load. On the go trying to fill out this purchase order on your smartphone you get frustrated and close the browser.

Most customers will likely never return to that page. Businesses lose money every day because of this. Today’s society is always surfing the web on their mobile phone or tablet. So it has become essential for websites to be mobile and tablet friendly.

Here are three things that will improve your mobile website.

Speed – Speed might be the biggest factor when it comes to surfing the web on mobile devices. People do not have the patience they used to and if your site can not keep up with them, they will not stick around.

This is important when people are surfing around your site. The faster it can upload different pages, the more likely that person is to stay on the site for a longer duration. If it takes more than even a couple of seconds to get from page to page, they will not wait around and quickly close the browser.

This is especially important when it comes to the check out page. Having no issues when filling out credit card information is huge in getting them to follow through with the purchase.

Readable Content – Being able to read content is another big factor when it comes to a mobile website. The content should be readable right away, not having to zoom in at all. If you have to scroll in to make the words bigger and then constantly shift right to left to read it, then it is not enjoyable to the reader.

Simple easy to read content will be satisfying for the person taking the time out of their day to educate themselves. It will also keep the reader on your website longer. This will prevent you from having a fast bounce rate, which a lot of mobile websites have if content is not easy to read.

Images – Everyone loves images and having the images easily viewable on a mobile site is a big plus. They are a great way to hook a reader or potential customer to your site. For big shoppers they love to see pictures of the items they like as big as possible. Nobody wants to purchase a product without getting a good look at it.

Images are very important for the eCommerce sites of course. So the customers can make sure they love the product before buying it. It is also great for a reader on a mobile site. A good cover photo can be a great hook into the story. It can also be a good way to break up the content. A very wordy story with no images on it can immediately turn a reader away.

Having a mobile friendly website is important for every type of business. From eCommerce, to restaurants, to informational websites, you do not want to lose business from something as simple as this. It is so easy for someone to jump on their mobile phone and look up information or a company. If your website in unreadable on the first visit, chances are that person will not be returning to the site.

Cleaning up these three things can improve your mobile site greatly. You would be surprised how much of a difference having a nice clean mobile site can be. People are using mobile phones more than ever so keep up and have a mobile friendly site.

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