Netsville, an internet property management company, has helped many different companies find online success by not only supporting and maintaining a strong website foundation but by helping them expand their internet footprint. One such successful partnership has been with Profology.

“Profology is the exclusive online community for people working in higher education for faculty, staff, administrators.” states Bob Ertischek, the founder of Profology, “[It is] built by professors for professors to help them share resources and discuss issues related to their jobs including tenure and career issues, admin issues, course issues, to talk about office politics, departmental politics. Everything related to working in higher education to increase interaction, to make academic life a little easier.”

Like many upstart internet communities, Profology had to overcome a rocky start. “We founded Profology a few years back before we were with Netsville. For about ten minutes, things were going great and then our site just couldn’t take it and we were basically knocked offline and had all kinds of spam and denial of service attacks and all these other kinds of things that were just awful.”

A chance encounter with Mark LiButti, the President of Netsville, at a Rochester TEDx talk began to turn things around for Profology. “Mark proposed some ideas for helping us out. We liked the ideas…Netsville, in short order after we signed an agreement with them, did a number of things for us. First of all, they rescued our site. Jon Baird [the CEO of Netsville] and Micah Brandon [Vice President of Systems] made our site work. It was rock solid, never went down. We didn’t have any of the issues we had before. In addition to that, they offered us some services in relation to development that we didn’t have before. Jon and Micah did the heavy lifting remaking our site and…Mark has helped us quite a bit with marketing and anything to do with advertising. His expertise is fantastic in that area. So our relationship with Netsville is great.”

With their website primed for success, Bob was now free to focus again on Profology’s aspirations. “We’ve added a lot more members since we started with Netsville. We have better relationships with the vendors. We’re now poised to achieve our growth goals. [Netsville] freed us up to focus on the core part of our business.”

For more information on Profology, visit their website at www.profology.com.

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