Blogs have been evolving over the last few years into a more news-like bulletin system making it more of a challenge for casual bloggers who were already struggling to get their views or options heard. This challenge has led to the rise of live-blogging or a rolling textual coverage/post commentary of breaking news or event analysis via an online platform. The method the information is conveyed is typically in short, frequent time-stamped mini blog posts.

Using current events to blog on a live timeline is an excellent way to attract more readers and consumers to your online page or platform. This strategy creates immediate results for your personal or business endeavors by increasing the public’s visitation and interest. Live Blogging can have a crucial role in the coverage and documentation of sporting events, protests and conflicts, conventions, political elections, and more. There is something intriguing about following an event live, even if the people reading only view the blog post at a later date.


There are many different ways to approach a successful live blogging endeavor. The first is to focus on covering an important event that will be able to attract and engross the public. One tool to set yourself up for success is to research the event beforehand so that you can map out a schedule of your different posts. Make sure you also plan on executing your posts in a timely fashion.

Other tricks include supporting your posts with statistics or formulating them to create suspense as the event goes on. These can really help to grab the readers’ attention and, henceforth, keep them on your site. Also try to use topical media such as pictures, graphs, and videos to back up or contribute to your posts – visual media can speak a thousand words.

The goal is to answer the readers’ questions of who, what, where, when, and why. While addressing all of these are important, simplicity is key. When you feel like you have adequately covered these points, you can try to expand by utilizing different forms of technology to suit your topic and environment.

Don’t forget to advertise and promote your live blog before the big event by sharing announcement posts on your social media feeds to expand readership and get your content in front of a new audience.

USES for Businesses

There are many business advantages for companies to utilize live blogging including:

  • Live blogging can bring in ad money. This is done by using the traffic from the live blog to entice ad companies to pay for promotions on your site.
  • Using keywords and fresh material from the live blog to increase the search engine optimization of your page so that it show up higher in online search results.
  • Google also returns social media search results and helps connect your live blog to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. This will help give search engines one more item to find when people search for your company or niche.
  • Having a live blog can also establish you as a professional authority by positioning yourself as an expert on a certain topic. This will help build trust among your readers and potential customers.
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