WordPress Releasing Update at Critical Time

WordPress is the worlds largest open source content management system and has millions of users worldwide. We here at Netsville use WordPress for our customers to build and customize responsive, mobile adaptable websites. WordPress has made itself completely malleable with countless theme options and plug-ins allowing you to create a site for just about anything, including E-Commerce, which is why the news of a major update coming in the middle of the busiest online shopping season has left some users feeling weary. WordPress allows people with minimum technical knowledge to create websites, however, not everyone has a full technical support team at their disposal like Netsville does so when things go wrong and they don’t know how to fix them it causes issues. Hosting with Netsville is an exciting option that allows you to have the support you need at the most crucial times. Check out more about the new WordPress 5.0.1 update and the new Gutenberg editor below!


WordPress to release 5.0, with its Gutenberg editor, this week


But many website owners and managers are not thrilled with this release coming so soon, especially with the holidays now in full swing.

 on December 4, 2018 at 11:43 am


WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg announced on Monday that the latest version of the WordPress platform — 5.0, which features the highly-divisive Gutenberg editor — is now scheduled to be released on Thursday, the day before the company’s WordCamp Conference begins.

Why it matters

With a new block editor and Twenty Nineteen theme, WordPress reports its 5.0 / Gutenberg release will be the platform’s major release of 2018. This will be the most significant change in the editing interface in years and has been a big topic of discussion and criticism within the WordPress community.

“We are now targeting Thursday, December 6th for public release and announcement. 5.0.1 will open for commits soon, and will be an area people can choose to focus on at the contributor day at WordCamp U.S. in Nashville this Sunday,” wrote Mullenweg on the WordPress developer blog.

According to Kinsta’s 2018 reports, WordPress owns a 60 percent market share for content management systems on websites with a known CMS. As the world’s leading CMS platform, any updates to the software impact a large majority website owners.

But if you read through the comments on Mullenweg’s post, the overall consensus is that many website owners and managers are not thrilled with this release coming so soon, especially with the holidays now in full swing. The release originally had been set to be publicly available on November 27 before being pushed back to allow for additional testing.

Many responded that the new release date — set to coincide with the company’s WordCamp Conference — was problematic for those who will have to manage the update.

“Matt, I’ve been trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but this is entirely irresponsible. You’re giving a release date with 3 days notice and while a huge amount of us who run WordPress-based businesses are traveling to WCUS and will be out-of-office,” wrote one commenter on Mullenweg’s blog post.

Mullenberg says the release is based on, “…the stability, testing, and reports on the release candidates” and if any new issues happen that show the software is not stable, the target release date will be adjusted. He also confirmed website owners do not have to update their platforms right away.

“You can push the button whenever you’re ready,” wrote Mullenweg. The WordPress development team has used recent smaller updates to ready the community for 5.0, introducing the new editor within the WordPress dashboard and allowing users to download a plugin to try it out.

Responsible WordPress users will likely want to update sooner rather than later, however, so that they can keep up with security patches as well as with themes and plug-in functionality tailored to the latest WordPress releases. That said, they can use the Classic Editor plug-in with 5.0 to mimic the current Editor, rather than switching to Gutenberg.

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