Deciding upon the right hosting company can be crucial for your website. A hosting company determines if your website is live, how fast the loading speed is, how much data allowed, how much traffic the website can handle and how much it will cost to host your website. These are some big factors for website. So when deciding on a web hosting company for your website it is smart to take some time and research.

One important thing to look into is the uptime percent. This determines if your website is live of not. Since launching our data center at Netsville we have had a 99.99% uptime. One of the reasons is because we are on a redundant power grid here in Rochester allowing us to maintain power. So you want to find a company as close to 100% as possible to keep your website live.

Hosting companies love throwing the term unlimited data to entice you to host with them. Truth is “unlimited data” requires some looking into because most of the time it has a number when it comes to bandwidth, disk storage, etc.

The Infographic below explains the benefits of a good hosting company and the negatives that makes a a hosting company bad.



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