By now you probably have seen or heard the acronym, CMS, floated around, but what does it mean? CMS stands for Content Management System, which is a computer application where users can publish, edit, organize and delete content as well as overall maintenance of the website. CMSs are great for blogs, company websites or even just a personal website.

The main function of a content management system is to store and organize files. Typically a CMS has a lot of functionality to it with a ton of features. These content management systems make it easy to make a good looking website for someone who knows little about putting together a website.

Whether you want a website for your blog, business or just personal website, a CMS system makes your life easier. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the top three content management systems available right now. All update regularly and have some alike features. These are not the only options for CMSs but are by far the most popular.


I am a supporter of WordPress and believe it is the best option for a content management system. WordPress has thousands of themes to choose from to get the look and design you envisioned when starting. If the theme is missing a feature you had intended don’t worry, there is a wide variety of widgets and plugins that will extend its functionality.

One of the best things about WordPress that makes it so powerful is the community behind it. It has a very active community supporting it, making it easy to find information and tutorials on the ins and outs of WordPress.

Check out this WordPress blog I wrote a couple weeks ago for more information here.


Joomla! is another one of the best CMSs available. Joomla! is used by some prominent companies as a CMS. Joomla! also has a very big community backing it, making it easy to get information and tutorials to help out.

Joomla! has tons of plugins and add-ons just like WordPress does. The difference between the two is the themes. Joomla! has a lot of themes available but doesn’t compare to WordPress, it may take a little bit of time before finding the right good looking theme you want for Joomla!.


Drupal is another very popular CMS being used by some big companies. It includes a good number of features for building a nice clean professional site just like the other two.

Drupal has a pretty active community with forums and they even have face to face Drupal events. The community is pretty good at staying on top of the updates and providing new tutorials and information to keep everyone up to date.

Those are the three top CMSs available and being used by the public. There are many more options out there but if you’re looking to build a website I would recommend looking into these three options first.

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