Video has become a key proponent in marketing in the digital age and one of the newer types of video is opt-in marketing videos. This is where you make a video and try to get the viewer to opt into something right then and there. These often come off as really sketchy and look like a scam. But is it possible to make these videos work and boost conversions? If you can provide value to the customer, it may be possible. 

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Can Opt-In Video Marketing Really Work?

By Paul Talbot 



The strategy is simple. Pay people to watch ads. If it takes an incentive to attract attention, pay the price, whether it’s a coupon, additional content, or something else the prospect considers attractive.

In a game environment, the reward might be something that gives the player an advantage, such as a free move. In other contexts, the reward could be anything that fits the bill of significant perceived value.

The not so refined name for this practice is bribe marketing. Firms which market the video ads naturally prefer to use the term “opt-in advertising” or “rewarded advertising.”


Either way, there’s an inescapable question… why would somebody want to see an advertisement?

There are many types of advertising that people actively want to see,” says

Maggie Mesa, VP, mobile business development with OpenX, a programmatic firm.

“The key thing is that the ad has to provide something that a consumer finds valuable. This can be information about something they are interested in such as a movie trailer for a hyped upcoming film, a coupon, something they find funny, or countless other things.

“One of the great things about opt-in video is that it places this idea of providing value front and center. Consumers are put in a position where they can decide if they find something valuable enough to view a video ad, and the choice is strictly up to them.”

Opt-In Video Beyond Gaming

Opt-in video and rewarded advertising was born in a gaming environment. Its expansion into other platforms carries a stinging stigma… the perception that the prospect who is bought is a prospect with little or no interest in the product.

“The ad format started in the world of gaming,” says Mesa. “Traditionally, some brand advertisers have had negative preconceived notions about that audience. Gaming is actually a great channel, however, for many brands. It’s not only brand safe, but the audience of ‘gamers’ is much more diverse than many people realize.

“In our consumer research with The Harris Poll, for example, we saw that more than a third of moms are playing mobile games daily. That is huge.”

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