Quite literally this is the proof that if your website is not properly mobile optimized then you clearly have some work to do. With so many different portals to the internet that are considered portable, it is foolish to not design your site mobile first. Nothing detracts me from a company whose website is not optimized for quick and easy use on a mobile device mostly because when browsing I look at a variety of options in the same category then, refine the results and start to do research towards a purchase decision. If this is not a streamlined process then I will quickly eliminate your brand from my list. 

Cyber Monday is an important day for those of us who would rather not buck the tradition of gathering with our families and enjoying a nice meal for the alternative, exchanging elbows to get outrageous doorbuster sales. Although you do miss the exciting opportunity to snag a deal of a lifetime you do get the chance for seconds on pie which is highly coveted for me. This combined with the chance to exploit savings on the following Monday is enough to keep me at home. Check out this infographic from Localytics about the stranglehold mobile has on shopping during the holidays.

If Black Friday and Cyber Monday snuck up on your business and you weren’t prepared,  fill out Netsville’s Digital Property Analysis for a Free Consultation. 

How Mobile Dominated Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017



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