10 Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing [Infographic]

10 Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing [Infographic]

Are you considering starting a blog for your business website? Want to fully understand the benefits to you and your business before getting started?

Mark Shaefer shares 10 business and marketing benefits of blogging in this infographic from Social Media Today.

Source Social Media Today.

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  • Coursework Writing
    June 13, 2018 at 1:25 AM

    On your business blog, you can write about trends in your industry. As you analyze those trends and provide your perspective, you should include links to those trends and other resources to add depth to your article.

    Doing so gives you added reason to stay on top of the latest industry news, it makes your curious about trends in other industries and how they might be relevant to you, it makes you compare and contrast and ask questions that you otherwise might not. It can make you stand out as a thought-leader.

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