Having emerged as one of the fastest growing social media platforms, Snapchat has become increasingly popular with the younger demographic, claiming more than 60% of all 13-34 year-old smartphone users in the U.S. alone. Once notorious for providing “disappearing” video and photos between individuals, Snapchat has successfully evolved to mainstream use.

With over 100 million active users a day, it has caught the interest of potential businesses and marketers as a good portal for advertising; yet, despite the extravagant prices for daily ads (reported at a minimum of $50,000 and as high as $750,000 per day), the success rate for platform advertising on Snapchat is still in many ways an open question.  NewsCred and Column Five polled and assembled some surprising statistics among the the current flock of “Snapchatters” featured in the infographic below.



Sources: NewsCred & Column Five

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