Internet privacy, or the idea of it, has been a strong concern over the last few years – a concern that is often compounded by how much information we unwittingly feed into the worldwide web via social media and search engines. Google hopes to alleviate some of this fear with the unveiling of a new web tool – About Me (especially given, as we’ve covered before, how much Google actually knows about you).
The tool is designed to address how much information an individual has made public via their Google profile (which is linked to Google offerings such as Google+ and Drive). Broken down into several fields, the tool gives the user control over what information would be available privately, publicly, and within their circles or extended circles, plus an added customized option. These fields include:

  • Work Contact Info
  • Education
  • Work History
  • Sites
  • Places
  • Gender, Birthday, & More

Furthermore, the tool also features a “Privacy Checkup” section allowing users to review and adjust the data that Google uses to personalize their experience and update the information that is shared with friends or made public such as contact information, phone number visibility, location history, YouTube shares, and even ad settings.

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