Keeping your ear to the ground. That’s what this business is all about – always looking around and looking forward to the next big thing, and then getting in front of it.  If you’ve been listening to the all the latest media and tech talk, the overwhelming buzz at the moment is all about video streaming apps.   Now we already know the two main players, Periscope and Meerkat, and both are continuing to grow in popularity, but there is a new name just beginning to surface in the massive swirl of social media apps, and mark my words, this one is going to be huge. I’m talking about

The folks over at may have just tapped into the next biggest thing in content creation, sharing, and broadcasting. Here’s what it’s all about.   Four people can chat via video, while an audience watches – a dynamic similar to many popular video game streaming sites (gamers are always one step ahead). By signing in with their twitter account, the audience has the option to comment and even switch places with one of the four active video feeds. The person in charge of the event can choose whether or not this switch takes place to prevent feeds just popping in and out without any kind of structure.

When first introduced to Blab, my mind instantly thought, “huh, this is kind of like being able to watch AND participate in live podcasts…pretty cool…” Interestingly enough, a company known as PodClear, specializing in the recording of VOIP, and cleaning up audio for clear, quality sounding podcasts, has recently announced on their site that they,

“… will officially be joining forces with the incredible team to create the coolest content creation and consumption platform on the web.”

Providing the stronger and more flexible technology is key, and by attempting so places it’s future into the hands of it’s users. As previously seen with Periscope and Meerkat, these video stream users are incredibly creative in the ways these apps are being utilized, such as backstage tours at music shows, live sporting event commentary, and public workshops and lectures. This versatility is what enables apps to survive today. In the grand scheme of things Social Media is relatively young.  Giants like Facebook and Twitter are at ages of right around a decade. What they have in common is versatility, in the respect that their users exist in many different social circles and both platforms can be used at different levels, by people and businesses alike. The same can and likely will be said for Who knows, maybe one of the social giants have their sights set on an acquisition of their own because even as it exists in it’s beta stage, it is fun and addicting tool that should not be ignored.


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