When you have projects you need to be finished in a certain amount of time, but might have the time to accomplish it what are you supposed to do? This is where outsourcing has become so huge and popular. There are hundreds of outsourcing websites available full of freelancers waiting for projects to finish for you. It’s a perfect way to get the projects you don’t always have the time for, to get done in a timely fashion.

The biggest problem with outsourcing is how can you trust the project will be completed in time and up to your standards. You also want to make sure that when everything goes well the money is going to the person who deserves it. I have chosen four outsourcing websites that are at the top of the game when it comes to this field. As I mentioned before there are hundreds of these websites available, but here’s why you should look into these websites before any of the others.


Elance has an impressive number of writers, programmers, and designers all waiting to help you complete your project. Signing up for Elance is simple and free to get started.

When starting up on Elance you describe your project and make a posting of it. You then get to start the process of communicating with people almost like an interviewing process to ensure you get the right person for the job. This is an important process because you want to find the right freelancer for the job, and make sure he knows exactly what you want to see from them.

What unique about Elance is the customizable payment method. A lot of outsourcing payment methods is simply pay upon completion. Elance allows you to set customizable milestones that offer smaller payments to the freelancer as they complete milestones or goals along the way.

This helps in a couple ways with the first being you don’t have just one huge chunk of money to pay at the end. You can split it up with littler payments along the way. This also prevents the freelancer from waiting until the end of the time and just rush to get the project done on time. Because of this, the freelancers on Elance are a higher quality.

If you have a big project that you are looking for the high quality and effectiveness out of freelancers then Elance is a great choice to look into for outsourcing.


Quickly becoming one of the biggest outsourcing websites on the Internet is Fiverr. Implied by its name, Fiverr centers its project based on increments of five dollars. What is unique about Fiverr is they don’t require you to post a project first.

They let users submit their own qualifications and proposals, as well as pricing. People looking to outsource can then contact them and propose the details of the specific project. There’s a couple of reasons this is so good and why Fiverr has grown into something huge.

If you don’t have a clear idea of what exactly it is that you want and determine the specifics along the way. It’s also great because you can get good work for relatively cheap. Work like filler writing for a website, or maybe some videos are a specialty for Fiverr. It’s also great for smaller projects while other sites tend to focus on bigger projects, Fiverr is a great way to get a small project done quickly.


Guru is another great choice when it comes to looking to outsource work. They like many others have freelancers ranging in specialties such as programming, graphic design, and writing. Like Elance, Guru is also free to post a project.

The unique thing about Guru is the way the projects are posted and displayed. Most sites have a list of the projects displayed to the freelancers for them to choose which projects they are interested in pursuing. Guru sends you a list of qualified “gurus” that fulfill the requirements you set for your project. Leaving the choice up to you on you want to pursue and send invitations and quotes.

The more you use this source, you will learn who is a trusted and respected “guru” is and who to avoid. You will rack up a team of reliable individuals that will get your job done in an efficient and timely manner.

Another great feature of Guru is they allow you to set up specialized teams that work in conjunction with another to complete the task you’ve given to them. You can communicate in group discussions or contact specific team members privately to make sure the project is completed just the way you envisioned it.

Guru uses SafePay to ensure your money goes to the right people that deserve it for the work they provide you with. Additionally SafePay pays you back in the long run as each purchase nets you two percent from their loyalty program. This money in turn can be spent on future projects.

This is one of the most efficient outsourcing websites you can use when looking to hire freelance work. With the loyalty program and their method of providing you with a list of gurus to choose from is what makes this site one of the best.


Another great outsourcing service with the primary strength coming from its simple layout and easy use is PeoplePerHour. This website is a lot like Fiverr but the once big difference is they allow clients to post jobs in need of help for freelancers to look through on their own.

Another good thing about PeoplePerHour is that each job comes with the number of proposals currently attached to each post. This helps to make sure you won’t be bogged down by proposals once it’s clear you have more than enough choices of freelancers to choose from.

This website also has a variety of services. Some of the services provided are programming, writing, graphic design, translating, and creating tutorials. With this many services offered, you are sure to find someone that can suit your project needs.

These are just four outsourcing websites I’ve found to be trusted and have provided good work. There are hundreds of these websites out there and I’m sure a lot of them have great freelancers. If you use any outsourcing websites you have used and trusted please leave a comment below and tell me why you outsource to them.

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