A few months back we had informed you on Google’s Mobilegeddon and how it affects your rankings in their searches. The Mobilegeddon has technically come and gone, but it’s effect still remains.  As it turns out, most sites’ rankings didn’t fluctuate drastically because a majority of the “1st page” websites already had strong, mobile-friendly sites. So why am I spouting about old news that may or may not have had any effect on you whatsoever? Well, as an IPM company, a common question posed by clients is, “how do I show up in Google?” Sounds like a simple question, but it certainly does not come with a simple answer. However, since we are on the topic – MOBILE FRIENDLY! I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but Google came out and told the world that it was making a change – lets take advantage of this information and get you mobile. We know what Google wants, now take a gander at what your consumer wants. So without further adieu, here are the Top 9 Features Consumers Want on Your Mobile Site, put together by ActiveMobi.mobile-website-features-infographicSource ActiveMobi.com

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