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Cravings on Main Launches New Website

ROCHESTER, NY, January 13, 2015 – Cravings on Main, a local downtown restaurant that primarily serves breakfast and lunch, is pleased to announce the launching of their new website, The new website will help Cravings continue to grow their online presence with increased customer interaction and a great new look to start off the year.

Mikie Nash, owner of Craving on Main, said she is really excited about how the new website turned out. “I really like our new website” Mikie said. “Having to wake up early and work in the restaurant all day long, it’s hard for me to spend time updating the website, something I know very little about anyway.”  As the owner of Cravings Mikie puts most of her time and effort into the business, leaving the website and marketing to take a backseat, so the choice to hire Netsville was an easy one.

In addition to providing a new website, Netsville will host the Cravings On Main site and handle their online marketing, as well. Mikie continued,  “I’ve certainly noticed a difference in the amount of business we have received since Netsville has taken over the marketing for us. Now I do not have to stress about that and can focus specifically on my business.”

Netsville, an Internet Property Management company, has really started to ramp-up their marketing services, offering web development and social media marketing services, to their list of technology related services. CEO Jonathan Baird said, “We have always taken a comprehensive and holistic approach in managing a website, or as we refer to them, Internet property. The word “website” sounds so simple, but it is actually a complex series of systems that all have to work together. Marketing is part of managing an Internet property.”

About Cravings

Cravings staff
Craving On Main was started by Mikie and Rex Nash, and their cook, Bill Oates. This team has been cooking together since the 80’s. The Nash’s previously owned The Filling Station Restaurant in the South Wedge and J. Pierpont’s Restaurant on Chestnut Street Downtown. Cravings on Main opened in July of 2001, and serves a wide variety of breakfast lunch items, and specializes in Corporate, Business, and Home catering.

About Netsville

Netsville Inc, is an Internet Project Management, IPM, company, with over 20 years of experience using a comprehensive, holistic approach to managing complex web properties. Typical Netsville clients are large, geographically dispersed web properties with sophisticated architecture and infrastructure designs. The property Netsville manages is not physical property, but rather virtual space occupied on the Internet. Netsville serves as custodians or caretakers of all issues that require attention for proper management of that space. Netsville can provide a secure, robust environment to develop, test, and deploy your project, or take over the management of an existing project.

Based in Rochester, New York, Netsville is an Internet Property Management company specializing in managing the Digital Marketing, Technical, and Business Solutions for our customers since 1994. For more information, please click here.