Video marketing has dramatically increased in effectiveness and popularity. If you’re not using video marketing you are not keeping up with the times and are falling behind. Many marketers use the excuse of not knowing what to script for their videos. Fret no more, read the article below on how to write a script for video in 3 steps!

How To Write A Script For Video In 3 Steps: Video Marketing 101


HubSpot, the inbound marketing and sales platform, conducted research around video content that found 54 percent of respondents (your potential customers) wanted to see video from brands they support. In research reported this month, the company found video is showing up in the coveted “Featured Snippet” location in Google search results.

A late 2017 research report revealed types of content that consumers also wanted to see, in order:

  • Email newsletters (number two on the list)
  • Social images
  • Social video
  • Blog articles were almost last at 18 percent
  • PDF content (ouch, last on the list)

Most of the above often will contain embedded videos or links to videos. Video works as a marketing strategy and tactic. Of course, this is not news to just about anyone in business or in marketing. I have done my fair share of creating videos for projects and written about its value as a marketing strategy. Video marketing is great, it is powerful, and it is at the top of most marketers’ task list, for at least the last few years in a row. HubSpot has a Video Marketing Resources page where you can find some excellent guides to get you started and they update the resources frequently.

Stockholm, Sweden – October 28, 2016: DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal device with Android Samsung phoneGETTY


New video marketing and editing platforms have made it simple to create excellent videos in a fraction of the time it used to take with more traditional tools. I wrote about Animoto, the cloud video creation and editing platform, that makes the process easier and fun here: Video Marketing In 2018 Continues To Explode As Way To Reach Customers. Animoto granted me media access to fully test the platform for my previous post (as well as some others I was working on for a small business blog). It does, as they say in Britain, what it says on the tin – making the creation of videos as simple as drag and drop.

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