Amazon is quickly becoming the premier place to search for a product, since around September of 2018 more shoppers are going to search for their product on amazon then google, and 90% of those searches are coming from the companies own search function. Wal-mart is the next fastest growing competitor. Amazon marketing is a multi-faceted venture from ads on kindle and fire with Amazon Media group, Amazon web services which offers things like sponsored products, search advertising, and headline search ads, and Amazon Publisher services which works with the universal ads marketplace and transparent ads marketplace. Depending on the availability of your products Amazon could be a very useful partner and place to advertise your products. Studies have shown that small businesses are planning on shifting their marketing budget to focus on Amazon marketing specifically with web services. The team at Nanigans have created this infographic to help break down the surprisingly complicated ways you can market with Amazon.

Amazon Marketing Infographic

Source: Nanigans

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