A week ago, I found some of my professional pictures for sale on a strange website. Photos that I had worked hard on suddenly on sale for $7 a pop. Needless to say, I was enraged. Just as I was about to go through their contact page (where I would have to submit my name and email), I paused. Something smelled fishy or, more specifically, it seemed like it was a phishing scheme. A little online research about the website confirmed my suspicions that the site was baiting victims by posting their media for sale (it turned out that the site’s eCommerce cart was never actually active) to spark outrage and gain their personal information upon contact.

In the age where identity theft has quickly become such a dangerous threat, it has become vital to protect ourselves against such schemes. Below is a useful infographic (first published by the Infographic Journal) that explores the strange history of phishing and what you could do if you become an unwitting victim.


Source: Infographic Journal

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