For those avid Facebook users that have ever faced the dilemma of reacting to a dear friend’s miserable post of bad news such as a break-up or a death in a family with the standard “Like” button, your prayers have been answered. Officially active as of today, Facebook has debuted an assortment of reaction buttons to supplement their classic “Like” button – “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” and “Angry.”

CNN Money reports that “[Facebook] worked with sociologists, consulted focus groups and conducted surveys to determine which emotions would make the final cut. They looked at the most popular stickers and emojis on the platform for clues too.” Furthermore, an additional button, “Yay,” was dropped “after tests found that not everyone grasped its meaning.”

Of note, Facebook will be surveying the use of the button reactions, hinting that there may be a penalty for those who misuse them such as posting the “Haha” button at other’s misfortune. Reactions so far have been positive, with the “Love” button living up to its name in popularity.


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