While Amazon has been offering Cloud storage service since 2011, they have just now released a companion app to their Cloud Drive. After only a few days, people are responding and the reviews are mixed. The excitement seems to be surrounding the fact that there is one more option competing against the big names of Google Drive, and Dropbox. However, since the Amazon Cloud Drive App has been available, swarms of frustration have hit the Internet.

In terms of accessing photos from your cloud storage, Amazon Cloud users have had a mobile app, but it was specific to accessing and uploading photos only. As logic would dictate, the new Amazon app that grants access to the entire drive should allow for accessing and uploading anything to the drive. This does not seem to be the case and the masses are not very forgiving about the fact that the app, at least for now, is simply just to view and download.

At first glance, this app signified that Amazon would truly be going head to head with Google and Dropbox, but in all actuality they are still many steps behind. What’s really keeping them relevant at this point is their in regards to serious amounts of storage.  Amazon’s 60 dollars a year for unlimited storage trumps Dropbox’s and Google’s 10 dollars a month for 1TB. Presently, their pricing and big name still buys them plenty of time to sort the issues raised by their first “flop” of an all-encompassing app.

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