The best way to market can change very quickly. The ways of television and radio were once the best and most profitable ways to market. The frequently asked question in marketing though is are they still the best? Television is starting to decline, when looking at ROI, because of the high rates they desire and the use of DVR or TIVO. While this might be on the decline over recent years, internet marketing is certainly on the rise.

A successful online marketing campaign involves several types of advertising, analyzing and optimization along the way if you want to increase your return on investment. This can be a difficult task for a company with little marketing background to accomplish. This is where an internet marketing company can become vital for online advertising success.

When starting an internet advertising campaign there are lots of different ways you can take advantage of the internet by advertising. When advertising online some of the tactics to focus on are SEO, SEM, CPA, CPL, CPC, CPA, PPC, Rev share basis, and banner ads. I know I just threw a lot of acronyms at you but I will explain.

To break it down let’s start off with CPI, which stands for Cost Per Impressions. This is traditional advertising where advertisers pay each time an ad is displayed somewhere. Basically if you want your ad on a certain website, you pay the owner of that website to have your advertisement on it. Having your ad shown on the homepage will cost more than on the sub pages.

In the same realm as CPI comes CPC, or cost per click. It refers to the cost a website owner receives whenever someone clicks on an advertisement on their website.

This is determined when you start a PPC, or pay per click, marketing campaign. These campaigns are used to drive traffic to websites in hope in increase sales. The advertisers pay the publisher or the website owner whenever the ad gets a click.

Another way to advertise like this is called CPL or cost per lead. The way cost per lead works is the website owner gets paid every time the advertisers company gets a lead for their product. This takes it one step farther than the PPC because it actually has to generate a lead instead of just a click. CPL payouts are a lot higher because it takes more to get a lead to a sale rather than a click.

Lastly as far as advertising on a website are called banner ads. This is just a big advertisement usually at the top or bottom of a website. A banner ad on the top of the website above the fold (the top of the landing page where you do not have to scroll down at all) usually costs more than a banner ad at the bottom of the page. This is because it is more likely to been seen and clicked on when someone lands on a website.

The way to increase your ad revenue is to increase your traffic. There are a couple of things to do that will help increase traffic to your website. First is SEM, search engine marketing, where the end goal is to raise your website in search engine rankings.

The way to do this is through SEO, or search engine optimization. Optimizing keywords and phrases will help Google recognize your website. When Google starts picking up that a website is doing this, they start to label your website as a more relevant website. If a website is easier to find in the search engines then traffic will start to increase for that website.

This circles back to the adverting on the website. More traffic is good for the website itself and the advertisements the website has. This achieves the starting goal to increase your ROI.

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