The Core Principles of IPM [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Key Tenets for Maintaining Your Internet Presence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Internet Property Management (IPM) is the model of successful Internet Marketing and is a proven MarTech methodology. Taking a comprehensive, collaborative approach to managing complex web properties, IPM goes beyond the traditional marketing concept, adjusting quickly to maintain relevancy in the ever-changing nature of the web. Working closely with clients for mutual success, IPM’s main goal is to manage and nurture the value of a client’s web presence so they have the freedom to focus on what they do best – running their company.

By applying the IPM methodology, a business client can rest assured that their Internet property has the technical engineering to keep it running, has a social media advocate to keep or propel it into the spotlight, and is constantly being updated to keep it relevant. Supporting the whole of IPM are its core principles: Iterative Design, Collaboration, Building Value, Accountability, Responsibility, and Strategy. In the infographic below, we break down these key principles, highlighting why they are vital to successful digital campaigns.