17 Facebook Marketing Groups to Join Now

With so many Facebook groups to join, you just don’t know which ones to join. However, there are some that can provide you with substantial value compared to others. If you want to get the best out of your social media experience with Facebook then here are some groups you should join on the site!

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17 Facebook Marketing Groups to Join Now


By Larry Kim . CEO of MobileMonkey .  @larrykim




Social media marketers are a in state of constant flux.

Our strategies are constantly changing as algorithms shift and platforms emerge. 

One of my best secrets for staying up-to-speed is connecting with other social media marketers.

When you’re part of a community of like-minded individuals striving toward the same goals, you’re able to learn with and from your peers.

Facebook groups are one of the simplest ways to get connected.

I’m a member of several marketing-focused Facebook groups


(I’m so passionate about Facebook groups I even started a group that focuses in Facebook Messenger marketing!)

I’ve rounded up 17 all-time favorite Facebook marketing groups.

These groups led by industry leaders, and filled with thousands of unicorn marketers. 

In addition to getting insights from the leaders themselves, you’ll also have access to brilliant communities to 

Discover 17 Facebook marketing groups to join now, starting with my own: MobileMonkey Island.

Want to chat about chatbots? 

The join us on the island. 

We’re a 10,000-strong community of Facebook Messenger marketers, building bots and taking names!

Members regularly talk about ways to maximize Facebook Messenger engagement and solve technical Facebook issues, as well as share their own triumphs and tribulations. 

Facebook Ad Hacks is a community for marketers, freelancers and agency owners who want feedback on their advertisements or ways to increase traffic.

The group is curated by Cat Howell, founder and CEO of Eight Loop Social, a thriving digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook as.


With her expertise on how to build businesses, it’s no wonder Facebook Ad Hacks has 88,000 members!

FBinfluence was created in 2011 by award-winning social media marketing coach Andrea Vahl, co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies.

By joining FBinfluence, marketers have the ability to network with over 5,000 other business owners who have used the tools and skills advocated by Andrea.

(You can also catch Andrea, Cat and I talking about Facebook marketing at the Facebook Ads Summit on Jan. 24!)

With 27,000 members, Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets provides everything that people with new agencies need.

The group declares themselves as a home for those looking to expand their clientele.

Members are invited to participate in a variety of discussions, from marketing book recommendations to ad run strategies.

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