Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Interactive Content In Marketing

It is always important to engage your audience and make them feel involved. What better way to do this than with interactive content. Many modern marketers choose to ignore interactive content and underestimate the value it can have. Not only will it engage your audience but it can also lead to potential conversions and sales. 

Take a look at this article from Forbes for more information.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Interactive Content In Marketing

By Keith Bendes

VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Float Hybrid, Keith is a leading voice in the intersection of marketing and technology.


In 2014, BuzzFeed launched a quiz called “What City Should You Actually Live In?” Since then, the quiz has been viewed more than 20 million times. The company now creates multiple quizzes every day and has seemingly sparked an online quiz deluge.

One year later, the optical brand Zenni made waves when their consumer quiz generated $1 million in revenue and 29,410 lead conversions, according to a case study by the Internet Marketing Company. The experience included a nine-question multiple-choice quiz that matched consumers with the perfect pair of glasses that complemented their style, lifestyle and budget. Consumers were then offered the option to share their experience or purchase their recommended glasses.

Marketers and agencies have taken notice of this quiz effect. We here at Float Hybrid recently launched Float IQ to enable any brand to create an engaging quiz that delivers personalized product recommendations to consumers. We work with brands to assemble psychographic profiles of consumers and then build questions that are matched to personality traits comprising those profiles. The result is a product that is the perfect fit for that individual consumer based on their personality.

Introducing Interactivity In Your Marketing

Personalization is one piece of the quiz puzzle, but the other piece that is changing how marketers think about content is the concept of interactivity. Interactivity brings the consumer into the experience, and in a world where many digital ads are ignored, having the consumer engaged in the experience is a welcomed result.

If we take a closer look at BuzzFeed’s quizzes, as reported by Digiday, 96% of users who start a quiz on BuzzFeed continue to the final reveal. If even close to that percentage of consumers finished watching video ads online, all marketers would be driving around in Maseratis. So, why are BuzzFeed quizzes seeing unprecedented engagement while digital ads are being glossed over?


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