AI (artificial intelligence) technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and some workers are feeling nervous about what it might mean for their job security. But while AI offers many advantages, there is one factor hampering its full-blown adoption – a lack of emotional intelligence. Robots won’t take over from humans until they become advanced in reacting to emotional cues – an inherent aspect of a human workforce which remains very much needed.

AI’s numerous benefits
AI can bring manifold advantages to a business and many are already heralding its transformative properties. No industry has been untouched by the AI revolution. Financial organisations now use it to help detect credit card payment fraud and to predict and improve the investment performance of funds; the automotive industry is pioneering driverless cars; and many retailers provide personalised recommendations based on shopper preferences and the potential within healthcare for AI to predict and prevent disease holds a lot of promise.

AI is also making a big difference within sales and marketing. Historically, marketers would segment and analyse customers as groups but targeting individuals was impossible – nobody would have the time or ability to review the actions of every person and determine the best way to reach that specific customer. Now thanks to AI, marketers can order and dissect huge rafts of data and touchpoints and personalise marketing based on past behaviour.

Few people would argue that a person could outperform an advanced technology system at ingesting and analyzing data and so in areas such as this, AI is proving an invaluable tool which in no way threatens human employees, rather it enhances their work.

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