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Automated Marketing

As new technology continues to be innovated, more and more marketing tools are becoming available. A lot of what used to be hard manual work, can now be automated with ease which can provide many benefits for your business.

Benefits of Automated Marketing

Automating tasks has a long list of positives which is why any marketer not using these tools is not marketing with efficiency. Here are some benefits of automation:

1. Saving Time

Automation tools can save you a lot of wasted time from doing tedious tasks. Instead of manually doing everything, use new technological tools to do more work in less time. Marketing automation can automate 45% of the activities people are paid to perform.

2. Increases Productivity 

Because you are saving time on other tasks, this gives you more time to work on other things which leads to higher productivity and work efficiency. Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity.

3. Personalization

Using certain tools allows you to provide your customer with the most personal experience possible. You can use their names in email blasts, and give certain experiences to certain users based on their actions. You can also create upsells and cross-sells that show similar products to customers which can lead to more purchases.

4. Accountability

With automation, you can collect data and information from your platforms and customers and analyze them with ease. With the data you can see what is working well for your business, areas that need improvement, and trends of your customers. Four in five users of marketing automation increased their leads and 77% saw an increase in conversions.

How Netsville Utilizes Automation

At Netsville we use a variety of tools that help us automate marketing operations which creates a better experience for the user. Our Mautic tool allows us to set up scheduled email campaigns that send out personalized emails and adapts to the actions of the viewers. We also use a new tool called MobileMonkey which allows us to set up chatbots that can communicate with your customers for you.

We have access to hundreds of other tools that we use based on your companies needs.


Hootsuite allows us to schedule posts in the future and manage multiple channels of social media at once.


The plugins in WordPress can help with many things such as optimizing images, improving SEO, and collecting user information. 

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