A look at Netsville’s 

Social Media Marketing

Netsville uses an omnichannel approach to social media marketing and focuses on hitting the various touchpoints that are relevant to your business. We produce quality and data driven content on a consistent basis in order to drive traffic towards your business and grow your follower/customer base.

Reaching Touchpoints

One of our primary components of marketing on social media is to hit all platforms possible that are best fit and personalized for your company. This ensures that you are getting the most out of your social media and makes it easier for new customers to find you and makes your brand more accessible.


We collaborate with our partners in order to create the most personalized experience possible and to provide the highest quality social media content


Netsville incorporates a variety of content from posts, images, videos, and gifs which allows us to keep your audience engaged and connected with your brand

Growing Your Customer Base

Netsville utilizes its marketing playbook to achieve consistent growth of your following base and to provide a positive user experience. We post updates daily with relevant content for your followers to consume and share with others. Our consistent outreach to followers and premium content allows your business to stay relevant top of mind.

Quick Responses

We monitor and respond to all of your customers questions and needs on social media in a timely manner

Updating and Measuring

Our experts measure and analyze results and analytics from social media platforms to provide you updates on your growth and find areas for improvement

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing?

Social Media has become an essential in modern day business. Without it, you just aren’t staying relevant as a company and you’re missing out on millions of potential customers. 

Targeted Traffic

40% of consumers have purchased an item online after seeing it used on Instagram, Twitter, Vine or YouTube. Traffic from social media is from those interested in your company.

Easily Findable

Almost 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic. Strong social media increases SEO.

Create Trust

Having updated and quality content on your platforms increases the trust consumers have in your business as they will see you are up to date and know what you’re talking about

Build Relationships

Being active on social media allows you to interact with customers and talk to them directly. They will appreciate being engaged and connected with your brand.

Understand Your customers

By following what your customers do you can gain valuable insights on them like hot products they are buying, hobbies they are into, and other interests they might have. 

Increased Reach

Almost everyone is on social media. 94% of digital consumers aged 16-64 say they have an account on at least one social platform and 98% have visited/used one within the last month.

Netsville’s Results

Our knowledgeable experts at Netsville have produced great results for many companies and we have the stats to prove it. Check out some of our many  successes below!

The analysis above shows a significant increase in Twitter followers by over 550 new followers in a three day time span, as well as, 5585% increase in Tweet impressions and 31800% increase in profile visits.

Our relevant posts also increased traffic to KnuGroup’s Facebook page. Facebook traffic jumped from less than 50 followers to over 1500 in only three days, giving KnuGroup™ a 14,182% increase in page followers. Page views for the month of April 2018 spiked by over 6,485% and page likes increase by 12,050%. KnuGroup™ also saw an increase in post engagements by over 104%.

Offenhauser Racing 

Our efforts with Offenhauser Co has realized a 30% increase in measured activity centered around the brand. With additional message adjustments and continuous analysis, revenue expectations are projected to double within a year. The following base has also been built from the ground up and has gained over 12,000 followers since we took over its social media.