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Content Marketing

Content is KING. In the digital age of business content has become as important as ever. It is essential in staying in the forefront and top of mind in customers. Consistent and quality content not only give you a higher chance to be discovered by potential customers but it also shows you have value to the customer.

At Netsville we curate and produce content daily for businesses. We create a multitude of types of content that keep your readers intrigued and wanting more. This can range from articles and blogs to videos to newsletters to emails and etc.  We can take the tedious task of staying up to date and constantly reaching your customers off your hands.

Why is content marketing important?More than 80% of people have purchased a product or service as a result of content marketing. And 9 out of 10 B2B buyers say online content has a moderate to major effect on their purchasing decision.

Just one piece of content can lead to many new opportunities and the more you have the better chance you have in being discovered and make sales. 


Blogs are a great way to keep those interested in your brand up to date. You can post articles and share news daily and post it to your blog for everyone to see.


More than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021. Videos provide great visual aid and are the easiest for people to consume. Check out some of ours!


Infographics provide visuals to otherwise hard to read information. They are also easily shareable and can help boost SEO!


Hitting your customers with personalized emails is a great way to connect directly with them and is also a great way to stay at their forefront.  Consistent emails keep you in their inbox and in their minds.

Case Studies

A lot of wary readers like to see case studies as proof for things. Case studies are great for increasing trust and showcasing what your company has done for others. Check out one of ours!

Killer Content Marketing Statistics

If you’re still unconvinced you need content marketing, check out some stats from around the web that further prove how important content marketing is and why content has frequently been labelled as king. Take a look at our stats 3, 6, 90.

Content marketing generates about 3x the amount of leads than traditional marketing

Conversion rates are 6x higher in companies that use content marketing (Medium)


Businesses already using content marketing to generate leads