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Profology Inc. Announces Completion of Angel Investment Round
Investor Recognizes the Exclusive Online Community’s Growth Potential

ROCHESTER, NY, October 17, 2014 – – Profology Inc., the exclusive online community for higher education professionals, is pleased to announce it has completed an angel investment round of funding from Lawrence C. Marsh, an accredited investor and professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame. The new capital will help continue to grow its member base, expand its content library, improve its technology platform and begin to add vendor/advertisers.

In addition to securing the new investment capital, Profology has asked Professor Marsh to serve as provost (chief academic officer). In this position, Marsh will help Profology locate experts who can assist Profology members in dealing with some of the most difficult challenges of working in higher education, including new course preparation, publishing and navigating career issues.

“Our goal is to provide a dynamic, vibrant and, above all, valuable online experience for those wishing to enhance teaching and research in higher education,” said Marsh. “ provides an essential online venue for professors, graduate students, academic staff and administrators to share resources for both teaching and research. It enables new faculty to get help from established faculty members who provide guidance through the difficult waters traversed by both non-tenured and tenure-track faculty,” he continued. “As provost, I will work to broaden and deepen the Profology experience for all higher education professionals. A key aspect will be enabling them to connect easily and effortlessly to groups sharing their own interests and concerns.”

Bob Ertischek, the president of Profology, said he was extremely excited to add someone with Marsh’s credentials to the team. “Having Larry join us in the position of provost is a game changer for Profology,” Ertischek said. The founder continued, “In the short time we’ve worked together already, he’s contributed new ideas and we have created a synergistic environment. With Larry’s investment, academic experience, community building expertise, and connections, and his just plain brilliance, we will continue to build a truly vital community for academics.”

The investment will better enable Profology to reach out to the higher education community and fulfill Profology’s promise of creating a level playing field and making life a little easier for professors, academic staff and administrators. Ertischek later said, “We are now positioned for growth and greater success!”

About Profology Inc.

Profology was started by Bob Ertischek, a professor who felt that there should be a better way to connect with colleagues. He created Profology, an exclusive online community where faculty, staff and administrators, can make valuable connections, share course resources and ideas, review textbooks, and collaborate with and learn from peers throughout academia. Closed to undergrads and the general public, Profology is free for higher education professionals and provides the freedom to share! For more information, visit:

About Lawrence C. Marsh

Professor Marsh brings over 40 years of experience in higher education as both an administrator and faculty member. During his 30 years on the faculty at the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Marsh spent 13 years as the director of Notre Dame’s Ph.D. program in economics. He also co-founded the Midwest Econometrics Group (MEG) which has brought econometrics faculty together from all over the world to an annual meeting at a university or a Federal Reserve Bank in the Midwest of the United States for the past 24 years. He is author or coauthor of hundreds of journal articles, newspaper columns, book chapters and books, including his widely-cited book “Spline Regression Models.” As a guest editor for the Journal of Econometrics, he edited a special issue on higher education. He has served the University of Chicago both as visiting scholar in the Economics Department and as visiting professor of econometrics and statistics in Chicago’s Booth School of Business. His non-academic service includes work as an an administrative specialist at the U.S. Army’s Support Command Headquarters in Vietnam and as head of analytics and banner ad targeting at Adknowledge, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri,, where he devised algorithms for the company’s second-bid keyword auction system. He founded the nonfiction book publishing company Emeritus Publishing.

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